Saturday, January 4, 2014

EMEA conference

When I got the job at the beginning of this year, I decided that I should renew my membership in MENC- that is, the Music Educator's National Conference.  At the time, I had no idea that they had changed their name to NAfME (National Association for Music Education).  Regardless, one of the great benefits of being on the professional organization is getting to attend professional conferences in your local region, for new ideas, meeting other teachers, and fun!  So- I found out when the European Music Educator's conference was going to be, and signed right up!

After attending North Carolina's Music Educator's conference, and Virginia's as well, I was not prepared for how small Europe's conference was. There were only 2 sessions going on at one time, so the decision of which one to attend was much easier than in the past.  However, at this conference there wouldn't be anyone that I knew- so I was going to have to make some friends pretty quickly!

The first session that I attended talked about using literature in the music classroom.  These are just some of the books that were brought for us to discuss and look through.

I have some of these already (many of the John Lithgow ones), but I made a wish list of many more that I'd like to get over time.

This is another session where we were getting some fresh ideas for the general music classroom- as you can see, we mostly sat in chairs in a big room, and looked at projected presentations.

There was a band music reading session where they tried out a new method book- Sound Innovations.  Here you can see Peter Boonshaft, who was a presenter for the conference.  I really like Sound Innovations, and how you can customize your method book, changing the order of new skill introductions, and even deleting certain exercises if you don't want them in your class's book.

There was a vocal warm up session, that I enjoyed.

On the second day we traveled into Bad Kissingen, which is a city known for its wellness clinics and spas that offer healing waters. 

This is in the Regentenbau, which is a beautiful old concert hall.

The walkway along the side of the building.

Want to come here to recover from your next ailment?

Not a bad view at all.

There are many different rooms where concerts can be held.

This was my favorite room!  Every summer there is a classical music festival here.

This Green room is very cool!

In the lobby is a beautiful mural on the ceiling.

This decorative pattern is also found in the Aycock Auditorium at UNCG.  I recognized it immediately.

Outside there are walking paths and gazebos to rest.

Here you can see the healing waters bubbling up from two different springs.

This is another area where they hold concerts.  That stage rotates to face the lawn outside in the summer, and they hold outdoor concerts.

What an amazing concert venue!


We didn't see much else from the town, besides this park.

After the town they took us to this restaurant and brewery for lunch.

It is known for this large tower next to it.

It was a lively lunch, with a few tables singing drinking songs!  I like the tree coat hangers.

I'm really glad that I attended this conference, and made lots of new contacts here in Europe.

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