Friday, January 3, 2014

Legoland Deutschland

We took a USO tour to Legoland, because we won a voucher from a raffle.  There was a special for the weekend before Halloween, where they'd have their Halloween area open, and they encouraged kids to wear their costumes.  Not many kids actually did wear the costumes, but it was still fun!  The bus left around 630am, and it was around a 4 hour (I think?) bus ride.

You know you are getting close to Legoland when you see this near the highway!

It was a bright morning, and we beat most of the crowd!

The first ride was this airplane ride that went around and up and down.  The kids loved it!

Mav patiently waited his turn.

The next ride was a boat ride, where Mav got to steer while I pushed the gas pedal.  We hit every wall along the way, but it was a really cool ride!

There's a Lego sunbather!

Mdx wore most of her Minnie Mouse costume.

This was a cool track where the littlest kids could drive- Mav did pretty well and didn't crash!

There is a play area with giant Duplo sets.

There is also a little skyline type ride, that goes really slowly around the park.

The park is not huge- it's definitely do-able in one day.

 There's my little family in the middle!

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