Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What jet lag feels like

If you've never tried to turn your days into nights and nights into days- then you definitely haven't ever felt this before!  Marshall's mom changes her work schedule all the time-I have a new admiration for her, because let me promise you...this is so hard on your body, brain, emotions, common sense, you name it!!

-first you think you may have gotten lucky and not gotten it.  This is simply adrenaline folks, and don't you worry, that b*tch jet lag is waiting just around the corner with her party hat on.

-then you start to have to think just a little too hard for words like: suitcase, fork, and anything besides a swear word.

-next comes a little dizziness and loss of appetite.  The appetite will reappear right after you get into bed to try and catch some Zs before one or both of your children wake up screaming because THEY are also hungry.

-so you get out of bed, you down a thousand calories of whatever you have to chew the least, and as you are slowly nodding off into your bowl of oatmeal (yep- great jet lag food along with yogurt) your kids wake up!  Surprise!!  You won the lottery!  NO SLEEP FOR YOU (said in the "No Soup For You! voice....Seinfeld)

-congratulations.  You are now officially slap-your-mother-tired.  At least this what I call it, because you are honestly so out of your mind that you'd slap just about anyone....and we all know slapping your mother would bring you instant death.  But at least then you'd be getting some rest.


adrienne_sakura said...
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adrienne_sakura said...

that sounds like good times. at least you are home and things can get back to 'normal' soon. :)

Emily Cole said...

Poor thing! This post is hilarious though... I wish I were there to help you get over the Jet Lag... at least give you a chance to get a nap... :)