Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Back in the Boro

Whenever I come back to Gboro there are certain things I really try to do.  Of course, now that we are living overseas I have a new appreciation for the things I used to just want to do.  Now I NEED to do them!  I always make a trip (or five) to Friendly Center, and of course Toys & Co.  After working there for so many years, there are still people that I know working there, and I still seem to know the inventory pretty well!  Maddox is old enough to enjoy going there to play without tearing the place apart, and pretty soon Mav will be able to play too! 

I've talked about Yum Yum before, so of course that is on the list.

Downtown Greensboro has changed a ton, so I always make a trip down there for beer(s) or food.  This trip we ate at Fincastle, which is a diner style restaurant.  I had a Magnolia Burger- YUM!!!  Bacon, Onion straws, Cheese, Tomato, on a Sourdough bun.  They had a Simpson's car with the characters inside that Mdx played with almost the whole time we were there. 

I like to drive by Grimsley and check out the school to see how it has changed.  I wish I could take the time to walk through and see some old teachers, or see if they are there....but I never find the time. is softball season, maybe there is a softball game we could go to!

Of course I love to go back to First Lutheran and see all our friends and family there.  I've known most of our congregation since I was in Elementary School, there's a lot of great memories there.

Just in the last year or so I've started getting back together with girlfriends from high school who are still local.  When I'm in town we try to meet up for lunch or dinner...just whoever can make it.  It's so nice to see people again, and no matter how much time passes we always find things to talk about.

I haven't even made it to Target yet this trip, but that will be soon!

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Mollie B said...

Glad you are getting together with some of those high school friends. Some of them are really the best friends you will ever have. I know I have a couple of them!!!