Friday, April 8, 2011

First Horseback riding!

Yesterday we went with Em and her kids to a barn a little north of Wake Forest in a place called Franklinton.  Em knows the family from their school, and they have twin boys Taylor Anne's age.  They board horses, and own three of their own.  When we got there Em got one of the horses from the pasture and we thinned out her winter coat and brushed her.  She lost so much hair it looked like there was a Shih Tzu on the concrete!  After we were done with the first horse, they went and got the horse that Taylor Anne was going to ride.  We were surprised when the owner said that Maddox and Anderson could ride her too!  (SOooooo glad, because if Mdx didn't get on a horse, there was going to be a meltdown!)  These pics are from Em's camera....still no word on my missing one.  :(

Cousins having fun!  Yes, she is the same height as he is.
 Brushing Maddie the horse.
 T.A. was in jail.
 "I'm a rock star"
 A little scared and very excited.
 She said "Walk Maddie!"
 Going about 1 mph.

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