Monday, April 11, 2011


Marshall's computer was on the verge of not working.  We have had 3 Macs and this is the first time we've had a problem with one.  I looked for authorized service centers in Korea, but on the Apple website, when it has you searching for service centers in other countries- as soon as you select Korea as the place you are searching- the website switches into Hangul (written Korean).  No English option.  GRRRrrrrr.

When I decided to come home after Grandmom died I told Marshall I'd bring his computer with me and take it to the Apple store to see what was wrong with it.  When I took it in a week ago they ran all kinds of diagnostics on it and couldn't find anything majorly wrong with it.  However, when he tried to restart it, it sat and pinwheeled for over 5 minutes.  The guy looked at me and said "Hmmm....that's not good.".  DUH!! He told me that they'd have to take it in and keep it for 5 to 7 days....BUT since we hadn't backed up everything that was on the computer I bought the cheapest external hard drive they sell there so that they could back up everything to that.  I was under the impression they would fully restore the computer when they were done with it (that's what I get for ASSuming).  Grrrrrrrr.

I hadn't heard anything by Sunday (the 7th day) so I called them to find out what was going on with it.  The girl who answered the phone said "Oh yeah, it's ready for pickup!".  I said "Was someone going to call me and tell me??".  She said "Yeah, we are really behind on our phone calls.....".  WHATEVER.  Grrrrrrrr.

So I went today to pick up the computer.  When I got there they were packed and I had to wait for a couple minutes before anyone was free to go and get the computer.  Then he took me right to a cash register and told me I owed $99 for Data Transfer since they had to replace the hard drive and they backed everything up for me.  I said "Um, NO I DO NOT, the guy that took this computer just said I needed to provide the external hard drive, he didn't say anything about a charge....not to mention we have the extended AppleCare plan, AND a one-to-one membership!".   So after searching in his computer he decides I'm right and starts the paperwork to give me my computer back.  Grrrrrrrrr.

Then he shows me the piece of paper taped to the hard drive- it says they could not restore the data to the computer, or create a user, and I would have to do it manually.  I said "If you couldn't do it, then how am I supposed to know how to do it?".  Blank look from him.  Blink-blink.   He said  "Oh, it's really easy, you just plug it in and transfer everything over".  Feeling annoyed and like I'm being rushed out the door, I sighed....signed the papers, and left.   GRRRRrrrrr.

Get data transfer happening.  The computer shows the hard drive icon on the desktop, yet when I try to use Migration Assistant to transfer all the data, all the sudden the hard drive is not showing up as one of the options to transfer from.  Grrrrrr.

Tomorrow I'm going to Apple at Friendly Center and going to Say hello with a smile, and then give a big fat knuckle sandwich to the next GENIUS who rushes me out the door, or won't help me transfer my stuff.   We are a MAC family, no doubt.  We love their products and have had great experiences (previously) with their customer service.  But this is ridiculous.  Don't sell us a computer with a faulty hard drive and then replace it and give us a empty computer, and no help getting it back the way it was before it bit the dust.

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Brandi said...

You know Mary, as an Apple fan myself I am sad to hear this. That being said, no one is perfect. That being said, of all the Apple stores I have been in, including in other countries, I must say that I have been less than impressed with some of the floor staff at the Friendly store. I don't think it is an Apple thing but more a Friendly Center thing. From personal experience having worked at the ATL and giving tons of client comments, it seems the ppl who are employed at many of the stores there are less than Friendly, less than thoughtful, and less than helpful. Quite the irony.