Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mother's Day ideas

Probably sleeping off jet lag today- so I'm posting something I've been working on for a while!  :)

To my dear sweet wonderful husband, who loves it when I tell him exactly what I want:  Here are some ideas of things I'd love for Mother's Day.  I realize Mother's Day is still pretty far away, but not when you live in order-everything-off-the-internet land.  I don't need all of them, but ANY of these awesome things would make this Mama happy!!  I'll point you in the right direction, let's see if you can execute.  (LOL!)

P.S. If you order something form Etsy, make sure you message the seller to ask them to send it Priority, otherwise instead of a Mother's Day gift it will be a "Happy Summer" gift.  :)

P.P.S.  Other guys out there who have wives: take notes.

P.P.P.S. Father's Day?  Going to need some guidance.

Bird Nest Necklace- love this, for my two babies.

Vintage Jello Mold- my Grandmom O. had one of these, and I will always think of her every time I see one.  I need this.


Marshall McIntyre said...

All but one is from Etsy... Do I have to create an account to send them a message and purchase stuff?

adrienne_sakura said...

i vote the dress and/or necklace. ;)
and yes you will have to create an account to send them msgs and purchase. :)