Friday, March 25, 2011

Trip to Seoul

We decided to take the train up to Seoul on a pretty cold and rainy day.  It was also a Sunday, and we should have known better- Sundays are the days that most Koreans have off of work.  We decided to head to the Coex mall, since I knew there was a big Aquarium there that Maddox would love to see.  We took a taxi to the train station, and took 3 trains into Seoul.  We only made one mistake, but corrected ourselves before getting on the wrong train.

Entrance to the mall.  This place is HUGE!  We walked a lot and only saw a small portion of it!

First stop (besides the bathroom)- the food court!  Lunch time!

This is Marshall's lunch: It's called Omurice.  Inside the omelet is some yummy rice, next to it is fried pork rolls on top of barbeque sauce.  I had never heard of Omurice before, it is an interesting concoction!

TONS of flats for sale.  This pic reminded me of my friend Reva, because she is always posting pics of her feet in cute shoes!  :)

This is a Wii play area.

Finally we made it to the Aquarium!

This picture doesn't do it justice- this place was packed.  I'm pretty sure half of Seoul decided to go to the  Aquarium that day.  See the space in this picture?  That was the most space we had during the whole trip- there were so many people around and in my personal space.  It was also very warm in there!

Mav was pretty happy in my Beco, just HOT!

Waiting our turn to see more fish.

This was a cute display of a fire extinguisher turned into an aquarium.

Do you wonder how the outside water looks like?


Maddox insists that her favorite part of the whole aquarium was the "frozen" crocodile.  I didn't see it, but she says there was a croc statue- maybe stuffed, or fake- I don't know.  We had a great time though, and could have spent much more time there, but my back and feet were so tired! 

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