Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Carla is here!

Grandma is here for a 2 week visit!  Woot!  Maddox is in heaven and will hardly let Carla sit down.  Every time Carla starts to do something else Mdx says "Grandma, come in my room!  Sit down here!  Hold this!"  Etc, etc, etc.  It is so funny!  We've been keeping pretty busy and I'm trying to take a lot of pictures, but I only take 1 picture for every 5 that Carla takes.  :)

We went out for Peruvian food.  There are so many good restaurants in Songtan, and this was no exception!  Everyone loved their meal, and all of us ate for less than $50.

Marshall brought his toy Dragonlady (U-2), for Mdx to play with.

Us.  Maddox took this picture!

Then she wanted a picture with her brother, but didn't want to look at me.

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Bethany said...

Your kids are so stinkin' cute! I'm jealous and want two just like them ;)