Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Blogging for Lent

People normally decide to give up something during the Lenten season.  Growing up I was never really pressured to do that, but was always interested when people would say: "I'm giving up dessert....chocolate....alcohol....cursing", etc.  I know that the religious reasons people decide to withhold something from themselves is for them to prepare for the Easter season- becoming closer to Christ's suffering by suffering ourselves makes the glory of the Easter Resurrection feel that much stronger and personal.

However, I also think that many people fail at their Lenten sacrifices.  Just like New Year's Resolutions, it is as if we are prepared ahead of time to say we are going to do something- but we know in the back of our minds that it may not happen.  So- with that said- instead of getting rid of something during Lent, I'm going to give something.  I plan to blog everyday (keep in mind, this is only a goal!!) during Lent.  Not that I compare blogging to suffering- but it IS a type of sacrifice because it takes daily mindfulness and preparation in order to make the time to DO it and remember to post it.  Wish me luck!!

Are any of you giving up something (or giving something) for Lent?


Em said...

Ha Ha haaa haaaaa!!! I was just thinking about this same thing this morning. I was thinking "For Lent, I'm going to try doing laundry EVERY day" - and then I thought it was Funny (and punny), huh? I think this mountain of clean laundry I've created in the basement might take all of Lent to sort out and fold. If I do run out *gasp* I can always go through all of TA and A's clothes that are in boxes in the attic! (NEED to get rid of that stuff!)

Brandi said...

To me it is a bit of a painful thing when you sit behind a computer all day, and sometimes all night long, the last thing you can do is blog. I want to but it is more a chore than an enjoyable commentary that runs through my mind. Best of luck Mary!! Look forward to your posts!