Thursday, March 24, 2011


There is a downtown shopping area filled with vendors and shops.  We walked through to see what we could see.

Dried fish and nuts.

More dried seafood.  I wonder what they use it for?  Do they eat it like jerky?  Do they reconstitute it in water and cook it?  Is it for soup?

Dried red peppers of all shapes and sizes.


Inside the grocery store- Korean Spam.

We bought some of this because we love it so much in the restaurants, this is red pepper paste.  Look at the enormous jugs on the bottom!

Would you drink "Sweat"?

Maddox wants some cookies!


Bethany said...

Jerad said when he was stationed in Korea, they ate dried fish like beef jerky. Yuck! Looks questionable to me, for sure. :)

Sarah said...

We had a pig roast once at our apartment complex in Seoul and they served those tiny little shrimp alongside for "digestion". They're generally eaten in small amounts with meats, I think, but I can't remember the specific reasons.
The Pocari Sweat isn't bad! I remembered thinking it was like a less-sweet sports drink. Even their powerade is saltier than ours - I remember the first time I had an American one after we got back and almost gagged at the sweetness!
These pics make me miss the markets :).