Saturday, March 12, 2011

It's so hard... get a good picture of both of the kids.  I normally end up taking about 10 pictures and 1 will be good.  But the other ones are entertaining too.  Here is an example:

Not bad but it looks like she's strangling him a little.

The always awesome not-quite-natural-looking face

Once again, strangle hold trying to look at something else.


So I decide to take a pic of Maverick if he'll cooperate.

And at first it seems like it is going to work.

But no, he would like to hold the camera.

This is one is winner!  And incidentally- it was the first one I took.  I should have just stopped then.

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Em said...

Yep! It's SO hard to get good photos of multiple kids! My trick is taking them ALL the time! Otherwise I just don't get good ones. Remember when we took the three cousins to get their photo taken... what a fiasco! It was funny though.