Saturday, February 5, 2011

Separation anxiety

This seems to be the only way to get stuff done around the house nowadays- as soon as I get out of Maverick's sight he starts to cry.    I love my Beco, especially now that Mav is big enough to ride in the back! You'll have to excuse our shower curtain, that is what happens when a man picks out a shower curtain.  :)

Playtime in Maddox's room.

We go to a place called the Hospitality House on Friday nights, for dinner and fellowship.  It is right down the street from where we live.  The Friday night dinners remind me of the Wednesday night dinners we used to go to back at FLC. and Gloria Dei.  After we eat people sit around and talk, drink coffee, play board games, play guitar, etc.  So many of the people here had to leave their families back home, Mdx and Mav get a ton of attention.  The first night we went Maverick must have been held by 10 different people!  Here he is sleeping with one of his favorites, T.  She can put him to sleep in about 5 minutes (she's definitely got "the touch" having left her own little girl back home in the States).

Here's a shot of everybody socializing last week.  

With Marshall gone on a TDY we've done a lot of this recently:

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Marshall McIntyre said...

T is a great help and she loves Mav as her own (you'd better giver a her a link to this so that she can jack the pics). The best was last week when she and Mav fell asleep and were both out!