Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cardboard fun

Marshall is so good at coming up with things to do with Maddox.  She loves playing games like Superwhy on my iPod touch, and she already knows how to use the trackpads on our computers.  With all the technology around nowadays you start to wonder if kids will ever just play with things like cardboard boxes anymore.  Well- Marshall answered that question for us, by creating technology out of cardboard boxes!  Ha!

Robot Mdx.

We are definitely a Mac family.

Mdx and Mama doing some "work" on the computer.

Marshall also made an iPod Touch for her out of cardboard, but took a picture of it using his webcam, so I don't have it here to share.  It's pretty funny!

They also made a racecar!

We welcome any other packages people want to send so we can make more fun playthings!  Hahaha!

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