Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How we roll

Now that Mav is large enough to ride in the stroller without his infant carseat (and now that it is above freezing for a few hours each day) THIS is how we roll.  :)

At first he wasn't really sure he was going to like the stroller, but as soon as we were one block from home he fell asleep.  

We went to visit Maddox's favorite restaurant, a Greek place run by two lovely Korean ladies named Sunny and Honey. Or Hunny.  Except, that's how Winnie the Pooh spells it.  No matter what they are doing when we get there they always come over and talk to Mdx.  They move the space heater close to our table, and talk to her.  Sunny gives her paper to color on, and always cuts her food for her.  It is HILARIOUS.  

The restaurant has a basic menu with mostly meat kebabs and Gyros.  

It must have been an Italian restaurant before, because it has these funny murals on the wall that look more Italian than Greek.  On second thought- it could just be the Korean interpretation of Greek looks Italian to my American eyes.  Confused yet?

On our way home we stopped at Heavenly Bread Company.  Once again I forgot to take a picture while we were there, I'll try and do that next time.  I got this interesting looking pastry- it was about 6 inches in diameter and looked like it had maple syrup in the middle.

The bread was not sweet, it was very floury, and had dark colored sesame seeds in it.  It was 1200 won, so around a dollar.

In the middle was a very thin layer of something that tasted like molasses, but it wasn't sweet.  Again, just another example of how Korean preference for sweets is very different than American.  It was a pretty interesting flavor.  I love trying all these new things- next time I'll get something different.

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