Friday, February 4, 2011

It's Rug Time!

If you are not part of the Sid the Science Kid fan club, well you certainly should be!  This PBS show became one of Maddox's favorites from the minute she saw it, and I have to say that even as an adult I can sit and watch the entire thing (for a kid show- that is rare!).  I love the way they tell jokes, introduce new concepts, and use music to facilitate learning.   One of the things I love about PBS is that it does not have commercials, so I don't have to worry about my kid begging to go to Chuck E. Cheese's or for the latest Barbie doll....but now that we are in Korea we don't get PBS.  SAD FACE!!

During every show they go into the Super Fab Lab to investigate something....well lately Mdx has started saying: "Let's go to the Super FLAB Lab!"  HAha!

 Here is Mdx singing one of her favorite songs from the show called "Rug Time" (Teacher Suzy uses the song to get the kids to sit down for rug time).  Mix it up with a little girl who loves to dance AND sing AND watch herself on video and you get this:

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Em said...

How cute! She's got all the words down pat! I love the cute outfit she's wearing too - great top. Kisses!