Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Maddox probably thinks that Korea is so much fun with all the holidays we've been having around here.  Right after we got here was Pepero Day, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then the New Year, then the Lunar New Year, and now Valentines Day.  Whew!  We need a break from all the specialness!  :)

I got a few things for Mdx for V. Day, and my Mom sent some things too.  Thanks Mom- I can always count on you!!  So far her favorite thing is her new toothbrush which has a light that flashes for 1 minute while she brushes.

I got this outfit last year on clearance after the holiday, and it barely fits her- it's a 3T. She still wanted to wear it, but today might be the only day she does!  I got those boots downtown for 4,000 won (less than $4.00.)  Score!  Funny story about this outfit- Mdx said "When Daddy's song plays I put my hand on my heart!", and I said "Yep, you sure do".  And she said: "NO!  THIS heart!" and covered the heart on the shirt.  I guess that's one way to teach a kid what to do during the National Anthem.

I got some beautiful flowers in a special delivery all the way from California. :)  Actually they were delivered by Kenny, our realtor- he said Marshall got in touch with him.  Very thoughtful Marshall!!

There was even a special package for Maddox.  There are 3 boxes of Pepero, and a really pretty flower.

Mdx took Nerds and Valentines to school today to share with her friends.  I couldn't remember all the children's names, so I just wrote "To: My friend! From Maddox" on each one.  :)

Happy Valentines Day everyone!  We miss and love you!


Marshall McIntyre said...

Im sorry that I couldn't be around for Valentine's Day. I set up that special delivery before I left Korea. And I love Maddox's boots! I love you and Ill see you in less than a week!

Angela said...

Oh how I love "Follow that Bird"!!