Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's not always easy

.....getting pregnant.  Staying pregnant.  Delivering a healthy baby.  Raising a healthy child.

I can't remember how I found Sarah's blog (not the one I'm linking to, but her more private infertility blog) but I started reading her story about trying for a family over a year ago.  I think I was pregnant with Mav at the time, and had discovered a whole online community of women dealing with infertility.  Even though I never struggled with that particular problem, I know people who have, and it is just gut wrenching to know that month after month they put on a brave face and try again.  I can't imagine how it feels to want a child so badly and just not have the power to do anything about it.  Even though infertility is not something I suffer from, I have my own set of struggles (lactation issues, weight, being a military wife) and have found that the wealth of knowledge and support that can be found through other people is tremendous.  Truly, there is so MUCH GOOD to be found here in this place called the internet.

You are just going to have to trust me.  Sarah....she's "good folk".  She gets it, she really does.  She has an online auction running this weekend to help raise funds for their adoption, which is possibly just a few months away.  As we all know- adoption is not easy OR cheap.  Even after jumping through all the hoops, dotting the "I"s and crossing the "T" can come down to red tape or money that keeps you from having a family.  I want this for her, and wish there was more that I could do.

So- have you been to Starbucks recently?  How about Krispy Kreme?  (can you tell I'm a Carolina girl stuck in Korea??  HA!)  If you don't see anything in the auction you need or want, there is a "Donate" button, please consider donating the cost of a Latte or a dozen glazed donuts to helping Sarah have a family.  You will feel warm and fuzzy inside- and it's calorie free!  :)

Link to the auction:  The Scott's Blog

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