Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fun Facts

1. Korean light switches are sideways.  No more up for ON, down for OFF.  Not that it would have mattered because in our house on Harbor Dr. all the light switches were backwards.  Maddox probably thinks we are just constantly playing mean jokes on her by changing the light switches.

2.  As mentioned in a recent previous post, I stopped biting my nails finally, at the age of 31.  I have no idea why or how- I just stopped halfway through my pregnancy with Maverick.  I blame the hormones.

3.  In the 4 years I was a lifeguard I never once had a water rescue.  I had to put a guy on a backboard after he fell off the roof (he was working on the roof), had a kid get his weeny stuck in a zipper (for the love of ALL holy don't let your little boys swim in things with zippers), and had to call 911 for someone having a heart attack.  But no water rescues.

4.  I played the oboe for less than a year in high school.  The band needed an oboist (is that right?  Oboe player?) to fill in a part, and I was curious.  My orchestra teacher was driving me bananas, so I made a deal with her that I'd borrow a school oboe, practice it on my own time, and if I learned the part I could join the band for the next few months.  (This had NOTHING to do with my boyfriend being in band....nothing at all.)  It worked.  I learned the bare minimum to participate in band.  Let me say- oboe is HARD!!

5.  I love Christmas music.  Pretty much ALL of it.  There are very few Christmas songs that I would say I don't like.

6.  National Geographic is one of the best magazines in the world.  Every household should have a subscription, and every copy should be saved forever.  Children should be allowed to look at them as much as they want to and ask questions about what they see.  The world is so SMALL- they should know that.

7.  I can sing "You're So Vain" like nobody's business.  I perfected it in college.  Being surrounded by music majors will do that to a girl.

8.  Marshall snores and drools in his sleep.  You didn't think all these facts were going to be about me did you??  LOL!    Maverick has already shown his drooling skills, I'm just waiting for the snoring to start.  Love you babe!

9. "Free to Be...You and Me" was a formative part of my childhood.  Thankfully.  My parents also had a few records of Air Supply, Neil Diamond, We Are the World, John Denver, and Harry Chapin...all of which are in my iTunes library at this very moment.  I sure hope I'm making good choices for Mdx and Mav to listen to!

10.  I still have an AOL email address.  Yes, I am one of the 30 people left using AOL.  It was my very first email address, which just so happens to be my maiden name, and so many people have that address, I use it for so much....I will never get rid of it unless AOL closes down and forces me to.

The End.  Now- what should I know about you?

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Marshall McIntyre said...

Number 8 is a lie! I stayed up last night to see if I snore and I didn't snore once!