Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dance Performance

Right after Christmas Maddox's school had their dance performance.  We had gotten many previews in the days and weeks leading up to the big concert, but we couldn't tell what Maddox was making up, and what we were really going to see on the stage.

The entrance to the school was decorated with balloon bouquets.  There is a line blocking off the front walkway (we go in the side by the column) because of all the ice and snow making the marble really slippery.

They decorated the auditorium with a treehouse background, balloons and an intricate light display.  The chairs were children's chairs and SO tiny!  All the children were being held in a back classroom and weren't brought out until right before each number.

I took this pic of Marshall and Mav so that you could see the fire extinguisher on the wall behind him.  It's a bottle of water.

All the teachers got up to be recognized at the beginning.  The first lady on the left is the music teacher, then the dance teacher, the next two are assistants, the lady in the leather jacket is the school Director, and the man is the Tae Kwon Do instructor.

This is Mdx's classroom lead teacher.  She does not speak much English, but is extremely fond of Mdx!  She was the announcer, and was wearing a traditional Korean dress that was very beautiful!  Because she is so short she was wearing the tallest heels I've ever seen- probably 6 inches tall.

The first group was the older kids doing Tae Kwon Do.  They were very good and broke some boards too!

Next was the 3 year old class wearing these hilarious costumes!  In Korea they say that a baby is 1 year old when it is born, so these children are 2 in American age, but 3 in Korean age.

This is a small group of the 4 year old class (some of Mdx's classmates) doing a partner dance.  This girl is J, one of Mdx's best friends at school.  She is Korean American and speaks Korean and English.

The older kids did a song about fruit and vegetables that was really cute!

Maddox's class was next with their first song.  They did a traditional Korean dance in costumes with long white sleeves that they would shake and fling around.  Mdx was mesmerized by all the lights and decorations at first, but when the music started she finally got into it!

A smaller group from Mdx's class did this dance to a Korean pop (Kpop) song by the Wondergirls called "Nobody but you".  The main verse has parts in English, but the song is mostly in Korean.  Mdx loves this song and sings it a lot- when we are out in public if a Korean person hears her sing it they get very excited and start singing it too!  It is really funny!

Enjoying the attention.  

The older kids had a music number where they played little keyboards that they had to blow into to make the sound come out.  

Maddox had one more time up on stage, but we think she was put into this number at the last minute because another kid had to leave (this isn't her class, it's the 3 year olds).  She didn't know the dance and tried to copy the one point she turned around and stuck her butt up in the air.  That was embarassing!  But she looked cute!

There was a vendor selling all kinds of cloth flower bouquets that had candy or toys stuck in them.  We got Mdx this one that had purple flowers and lollipops.  She has eaten the lollipops but said she wants to keep the bouquet forever.

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