Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A check up and a Birthday

Mav's 4 month old well-baby appointment was on Jan 5th- Marshall's Birthday!

I helped Maddox make this sign for Marshall to see when he got home.  She had so much fun gluing on the puff balls!  We used some of the craft supplies she got for Chrismas and glued/stuck them onto a piece of cardboard from another Christmas present.  We are becoming very adept at using and enjoying whatever we have around, since we can't just run down the road to Target anymore.  :)

We got Marshall a guitar stand for Christmas so he can have is guitar out in the apartment.  Maybe he'll play it more if it is out of the case.  I can't believe I didn't get any pics of his cake!  Oh well- it was yellow cake with chocolate icing.  MMmmmm.

We had no problem getting an appointment for Mav to see the Pediatrician on base at Osan, even though we are Non-command sponsored.  We were told before we came, by the people that so "highly discouraged" us from coming, that we would have a very hard time getting medical care and might have to go off base.  But truthfully, it was easier than Langley.  At Langley when we moved there the Peds were full, so we were all assigned to a General Practitioner.  However, they were at a same-day-only clinic, so you couldn't make appointments in advance- you had to get up and call at 6am on the day you wanted to see the doctor.  Even that was no guarantee that you'd get an appointment- somehow sometimes they'd already be full.  And if Mdx ever became sick after 6:15am, we had to go to Urgent Care, because there was no way we could see our own doctor.....It was a huge PITA.  Anyhow- no such problems here.  When I called they gave me their first available appointment, which happened to be 2.5 weeks in the future, and I gladly said "I'll take it!".  If we get sick here, we'll still probably have to end up going to the ER on base- but I'm used to that now.

Waiting for the doctor.   Mav loves to see his (and my) reflection!

As you can see, I put him in disposables when we leave the house.  Trying to keep life simple here as much as possible!  He enjoyed tearing up the paper on the table.

He has no neck- only chins!  

The Pediatrician was a very nice Korean doctor, who spoke very good English.  He told me Maverick looks and acts like a 6 month old baby, and that if I would like to give him baby food now I can, if he is acting interested and does not have the tongue thrust reflex any longer (that is what Mdx had that made her not really be able to swallow baby food until around 7 months).  He weighed 16.9 lbs, which is 77% for his age, his length was right at 54%, and his head circumference was  32%.  It looks like he may have avoided getting Marshall's large noggin.  It also explains why 3-6 months clothes aren't really fitting him anymore.  Bring on the 6 month clothes!  I have a rubbermaid tub of baby clothes that I sent here, and it's fun to go through it and see what I saved from Maddox, and what fits him now.  I'm supplementing nursing with organic formula, and I wonder if he'll eat less once he gets some real food in that big ole' belly!

My cutie pie wearing one of his sister's old outfits!

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JaclynJohnson said...

I can't believe how grown up he is! What a healthy baby!