Thursday, January 27, 2011

Playgrounds around Songtan

Marshall has been putting his imagery skills to good use by using Google Earth to find playgrounds around town, then he and Maddox go for a walk and find them.

During one trip playing right outside our apartment, they got this parachute man stuck in a tree!  I need to check if he's still there.

This is a building not far from where we live- it is offices, but it has an amphitheater behind it, and a small playground too!

One day after Marshall picked up Mdx at school they went exploring to go find the playground.

One of the small playgrounds they have found.

On a teeter-totter!  What fun!

A different playground.

Some exercise equipment for adults.

Maddox likes to play with it, even though she is too little.

Mdx met some friends at the park.  :)

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