Monday, February 23, 2009

I *heart* my family

I want to tell you all about our Valentines Day.  But- I don't really *heart* Valentine's Day...if you know what I mean.  Sure, I appreciate getting a card and some candy- or the case of this year- some chocolate covered fortune cookies!  But, I've started to realize that part of the whole purpose of Valentines Day (besides being a huge commercial conspiracy, but I swear I'm not going to post about that....)....AHEM, part of the whole purpose of V-Day is to teach kids that it is important to love and appreciate each other.  We take one day of the year to teach this lesson-certainly not enough- but it gives kids something to get excited about, and makes them feel special.  

And who wouldn't love this little girl??
Or, this handsome dishwasher?
This is the box Maddox made at nursery school for their V-day celebration.  It came home filled with valentines from the other kids, and lots of candy!
She made us a card:
Marshall left us a note on the fridge. 
This is what we gave Mdx this year:  a sticker book, Curious George book, first word flashcards, animal crackers, and a neon ball.  She got plenty of candy from school!
Posing she can have candy.
Right before bed- yep, she wants MORE candy!
I'm glad to tell you that Mdx is now a good tooth-brusher every night before she goes to bed!  At first she wasn't interested, but now she actively brushes her own teeth, rinses off the brush, and says "night-night" to the toothbrush before we walk down the hall to her room.  

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Em said...

So nice, Mary! I love the box she got for valentines day at school, and the note Marshall left for you! We didn't do anything special, but the kids did make some Valentines ON the day of... then handed them out to a select few people... I didn't get one. :(
Oh well! When are we gonna see you?