Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I *heart* the lake house!

One of the coolest things my parents have ever done (in my humble opinion, and I've only known them my whole life) was buying a lake house in Virginia!  They like to go up on the weekends, and for most of the summer.  We go when we can, and Emily and her family like to go up too- but it gets pretty crowded when we are all there at the same time!  There is no cell service there, and no internet- so we get a lot of quality time together.  The town that is close by is small.  For entertainment we go to the grocery store, Dollar General, antique stores, or the thrift shop.  There is also a fun gas station/convenience store called Uppy's where you can take your boat down the lake and dock at their pier and go up and get ice cream!

A few weekends ago, Maddox and I went to the lake just for the day to spend time with Mom and Dad, and Emily, T.A. and Anderson.  I know I have a picture of the outside, I just can't find it right now.  You'll see it eventually!  Meanwhile, here are the pics from our trip:

This is the new heater they got- much smaller than the old one, and toasty!
I think Anderson is trying to get a matchbox car out from under the stove.
He called in a professional to complete the job.
Mdx is happy because I tied Grammy's apron around her- up under her armpits.  She likes wearing dresses!
T.A. and Mdx are playing with a sticker book that Grammy had there.  She has toys stashed away in lots of nooks and crannies around the house.  Most of the time the kids share well!
Gramps and Mdx had a heart-to-heart talk.
Emily and I spent a good amount of time messing around with the settings on our cameras.  Dad explained aperture, f-stop, shutter speed, and....um...something else.  I should have listened better.  DRAT!
Emily gave me some eggs to take home!!  Yay for family eggs!  I was surprised how small they actually are, it is hard to tell in a picture, but they are cute and small- and tasted delicious!

I love the lake house, but mostly because of the people that fill it up!


LOP said...

Well, I know the lake house is happy to have such fun people and animals visit when they can...I think that was why it was built so long ago!

Marshall McIntyre said...

I could have explained aperature, f-stop, and shutter speed to you.

familyofmgms said...

Yeah, but nobody does it like my DAD! :)

Em said...

I *heart* the lake house too - especially when it's full of people!