Monday, March 2, 2009

Spring cleaning

See, I told you February was a pretty cool month- so cool it is already over!

I've been doing some cleaning out of closets, organizing, etc, while Marshall is on this TDY.  It's not that I can't get things done while he's here- of course it helps to have him here to take care of the baby so I can do other things....BUT for some reason I'm just so darn distracted when he's around!  :)  Wink-wink.  I normally make a big mess when I'm trying to clean, so it is actually good that he is not here to witness that.

I went through and sorted by size and item all of the clothes that Maddox has outgrown.  When you see it all spread out, it doesn't look like that much.  

I donated SO MUCH stuff, and still, there is all this left that I want to keep!  Some of it could be worn by a little boy, but there's a lot of pink in here still.  All of this is the 0-6 month clothing:
It is: 12 pairs of pants, 1 pair of overalls, 1 swimsuit, 29 onesies, 16 sleepers, 11 dresses, 6 outfits, 2 shirts, and 7 sweaters!  A lot of this came from my awesome friend Tamara, who has passed to Mdx the clothes that her daughters outgrew.  Add that to what Emily, and all our generous family and friends gave us, and we have clothing galore!

Here is the 6-12 month stuff:
To be exact, it is 4 skirts, 5 shirts, 2 sweaters, 12 sleepers, 14 pants, 5 pairs of overalls, 17 onesies, 10 dresses, and 10 outfits.  

Of course, the baby had to have shoes!  And these are the ones I'm keeping:

It really is amazing to see the volume of clothing that she went through in her first year of life!  Once she hits another growth spurt and is in 18 month clothing I get to do it all over again with the 12-18 month stuff.  But, I've learned a lot about children's clothing over the past 18 months.  For instance, some of the cutest little things have the dumbest arrangement of snaps, buttons, ties, etc.  I can now recognize that before trying to get it on Mdx!  Also, I never trust the size label on anything anymore, all 9 month olds are not the same size!  And, it really is worth it to buy quality clothing, because it will last longer and look good, and fits much better than super cheap stuff!  Once we are done having kids I will definitely pass a lot of this on to another lucky child, but until then I better hope to have a house with plenty of storage!

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