Sunday, August 2, 2009

No way

There is NO WAY that I can remember what has happened over the past few weeks.  Once Marshall's Dad (POOPA) left, the craziness of moving began in full force.  I was blessed to have TONS of help, family, friends, Squadron, was fabulous.  It is such a blur in my memory- so if I forgot to thank you in person, THANK YOU TO EVERYBODY!!!  Rather than trying to recap the events I'm just going to share a few pics and videos that have been gathering dust here in the new house!  :)

One of the last pics taken in the old house.  Maddox and Gramps reading a book.  She's all about wearing hats these days!

We were in the house the first day- the day we got the keys.....and my parents and I were sitting on the floor eating lunch.  I told them I thought I heard running water.  I walked over to the wall and said "It sounds like it's coming from the wall!".  My Dad listened to it, and said he thought it might be the Air Conditioner.  Then I opened the front door and went onto the front porch.  It was even louder there!  I looked through a vent hole in the foundation and could see water bursting out of the bottom of the house!!  We had a major leak!!  It ends up the Water Main was was repaired....then leaked again, and eventually we got an entire new pipe run to the house. But the first few days (okay, weeks) living here we've been dealing with all sorts of plumbing issues.  Here is the trench for the new water main.

This is how Taylor Anne and Anderson were staying busy.  They really enjoyed wearing Maddox's egg basket as a helmet and riding her schoolbus!  They play so nicely together!

The house was SUCH A MESS!!!  Here Mikey is finishing putting together our new dining room table and chairs that I got 50% off from World Market.  Everyone worked really hard while they were here, but especially Mikey who did everything on the list I made him, and found even more projects to do!

Mdx eating at the completed table...using a fork like a big girl!  She can actually get food on it now, but it doesn't always end up in her mouth.  Baby steps.

T.A. and Anderson were SO excited that our new house is on the water!  Mikey went and got some fishing poles so that they could try and catch some fish.  

I tied a string to a bamboo pole that was left over from my garden's pea trellis and let Mdx use that so she's feel like she was fishing too.  She caught a big ROCK!
One of the only problems with living so close to the water, is that when we get home and I'm parking the car Mdx is always saying "Wawa, walk....ducky quack quack PWEEZ!!!".  It's so hard to just get her into the house without walking over and looking at the water every time.  My friend Tamara had an excellent suggestion: to go and see the water everyday at the same time so when she asks to see it I can say "We'll go see the water after dinner, remember?" and Mdx won't pitch a fit.  Well- it worked!  Tam is a genius!

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