Monday, August 3, 2009

Maddox's room!

The only room in the house really ready to be seen by the outside world...

Thanks to my Mom for getting the letters I was missing from Target!  They went on clearance, and I couldn't get them all, so she went to the one in Gboro and got the rest.
Come in and play!
The room was already blue, which matches her existing nursery decor pretty well!  I still need to organize the underside of the changing table...I'm hoping to get rid of it soon since we are starting to potty-train!  This is the view once you walk in the door, looking left.
The dollhouse built by Marshall's Dad.  This area has been straightened since I took the picture; I moved some of her books to the living room, and some of the stuffed animals to a secret location. This is the view looking straight.
Her bed- still a crib!  We tried it as a toddler bed and she is not ready for it (okay- I AM NOT READY FOR IT!).  She goes to sleep AND naps without a peep in the crib, so as long as she is doing that, why change it?  You can see a painting I did as a child on the left, and the Steelers Bear that Marshall's Aunts Lisa and Phyllis made for Mdx on the bookshelf.  This is the view looking to the right.  The door is right next to her name banner.
I'll leave you with some dancing in the kitchen:

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Jessie and Nathan said...

Starting to look like home! You must be thrilled :)