Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dinner date with Daddy

This is Maddox and Marshall's favorite way to talk:

It was his day off and he woke up to call us, and then we chatted on the webcam while Maddox ate her dinner. When his picture first comes up she says "Big Daddy! Big Daddy!" until I make the picture full screen. It's easiest to talk to him when she's eating because then she actually sits still and looks at him and talks to him. We've tried it before with her running loose and she just runs away most of the time. Sometimes she tries to hand him things but I say "Daddy is still at work, he'll be home later......". We are so lucky to have the internet and free programs like Skype to help us keep in touch!


Jessie and Nathan said...

How wonderful for you guys! Nathan was at a remote location when he was gone, I hardly ever heard from him. I am so glad Marshall has better access!!

Em said...

That IS so great that she can 'see' him and talk with him pretty often. And he can see her and talk with her too! I love her hairdo in this video - what did you do to it? Cute Cute Cute!

Anonymous said...

How sweet!! Jerad and I haven't been able to use Skype...his location doesn't support it, but I'm so glad Marshall has been able to see both of you while he's been gone. What a blessing!