Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Learning how to count

Yes, I am a teacher, and I use bribery.  It works.  Even for my high school students.

We went to the Downtown Hampton Farmers' Market last weekend, which is actually very close to our new house.  It was smaller than I am used to, but I was spoiled with a wonderful FM in Michigan.  I am still looking for a dairy to deliver milk to our house, but unfortunately there are no farms close enough to us on the Peninsula.  There are a few signs around the FM area that show the history of the Langley area.

We were also right next to the Virginia Air and Space Center.  When Mdx is older we will actually pay admission and check it out.
There were about 15 vendors.  Most of them had veggies; There was a Butcher and a Baker...but no Candlestick Maker!  :)
There is a Carousel there...we have tried to ride it and Mdx screamed the whole time.  But, she enjoys watching!
Watching the Carousel.  She has recently decided that she does not want to leave the house without her "friends".  Ducky, Bunny, Froggy, etc.  I try to limit it to 2 at a time, but I admit to leaving the house with as many as 7 "friends" along.
The best part of living in coastal VA- all the harbors around us!  This one is right next to  the Farmers' Market.

Now- the video from the beginning of this post....did NOT happen on the first try.  Here are some of the outtakes:

Ah- this kid is so awesome.  I love her so much!   :)


Marshall McIntyre said...

She gets her brains from you and her eating abilities from me. Man, she is stinking CUTE!!

Em said...

I love it! She's a genius!!! I love "What's next?", "NEXT!"... funny girl! I love her giggles! Are you sure you don't want to leave her here with Macy?

daniellea22 said...

omg. that was awesome. i made paul get up and watch the outtakes. she is too cute.