Monday, July 13, 2009

Moving guest #1

Marshall's Dad came up for a few days this past weekend to help me get ready to move.  He organized and sorted through all of the stuff out in Marshall's man-lair, and got all of it packed up in boxes and tubs- so it is ready to go!  He also unhooked the cable that had been run outside, took down Maddox's sunshine light in her room, and took down the party lights on the patio.  He works fast and we had plenty of time left to just hang out.  Maddox was SO excited that Grandpa was here.  She loved the attention and showed off for him every chance she got.

Maddox is checking out all of the stuff.
Mdx decided she wanted to get into Grandpa's truck.
I offered to help her and she said "self, self" over and over.  You have to forgive me for her hair.  She would NOT sit still, so the pigtails look terrible!
Now what do I do?
I think I do this.....

In this video you can hear what she calls Marshall's Dad--- POO-PA!!!

Mdx showed off her running skills.

Here you can see how perilously close she gets to falling...every few seconds.

Only a few more days in this house and then we are officially Hampton residents!  Tomorrow my parents get here (moving guests #2 & 3).  I don't really want them to see what a disaster this house is, but I can't really avoid that.  Oh well.


Rocketgirl said...

I LOVE mover helpers. And Solei's pigtails always look like that - last week Jared did them for church, and one side was about 3/4 of the hair and the other side was 1/4 ;)

Em said...

PooPa!!! So cute! I love it! Hey - at least you GOT her hair done... I had such a hard time to get her to sit still for any hair time while she was here - and then it was "OW, Em! - OOOWW, Em!!!" over and over... funny girl!

adrienne_sakura said...

um i like the use of the phrase man lair. i get that. haha. im glad another man could help marshall out with his manly things in his absence.