Friday, April 10, 2009

We have to watch what we say

She's been doing this for a long time, but it has only recently become intelligible.  We are in trouble because she already HUSHes the dog and tells her to GO.  In the morning if she wakes before 7:30am I make her stay in her bed and play until 7:30...and I can hear her in there trying to convince me to come in and get her.  She says things like "Mama uh-oh!" and "Oh no", along with plenty of gibberish and throwing of stuffed frogs.  Daddy is much more of a softy than me, he has gotten her out of bed early a few times...but we'll get back onto schedule once the Air Force decides they are ready for him in the sandbox.

Marshall loves to egg her on...and what's really funny is when he says "Two..ah, ah, ah" and she says "THREE"....awesome.


Brandi said...

Oh no ah ah ah!!! tee hee, oh what fun you can have with those learning to talk!!! More please more funny!!

Kellie and Jeremy said...

I played this several times for my girls... they laughed! They loved seeing her talk to them!

Em said...

Sooo cute! She is SO Smart!