Thursday, April 9, 2009

the Honey-do list getting very short.  Which is great, because so is the time left that he will have to do anything that remains on the list!

Over the past week or so Marshall built some raised gardens for me to grow some vegetables and herbs this Spring and Summer.  It took a few phone calls to Em and Mikey to get their help figuring out the dimensions, and how much soil we would need.  However, once I gave Marshall the mission, he went to work!  I also used a lot of information found in the book "Square Foot Gardening", which was very helpful!

We used untreated pine boards, since we don't need these beds to last forever.  
The beds measure 6 x 4 ft, and are 10 inch boards.  He built 3 of them.
Once we filled them with our own homemade compost and topsoil, he attached this lattice around the top to discourage Macy from digging, and hopefully keep out the fattest rabbits.
The lattice on the end is removable in case I need to get into the bed, but I can reach the middle from each side, so it shouldn't be necessary.
Today I planted some Broccoli, Zucchini, Peppers, Sweet Onions, and Early Tomatoes.  We will see how much of it grows and produces, but it was exciting to plan it out and plant!  I'm still planning on adding Squash, Spinach, Peas and/or Carrots, but I'm not sure how much more will fit!
Our backyard is much more inviting now.  Here you can see the other planter that Marshall built at the corner of the patio.  I'm going to plant herbs in this planter.  This picture makes me laugh because you can see Mdx at the back door imitating me holding up the camera above my head.


Em said...
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Em said...

Great planters!!! Yay Marshall! I am jealous because I have wanted to make some planters very similar to yours for several weeks now, and it still hasn't gotten done! I have some dill for your herb garden! What do you have already? It looks like you have Rosemary and Lavender...?