Saturday, April 11, 2009

trip to Raleigh

We took a quick trip to Raleigh to see the McIntyre side of the family before Marshall had to leave.  It ends up that we didn't have to make it such a quick trip, it could have been longer except we were expecting Marshall to fly out on Friday morning and we needed to get back so that he could outprocess, get ready to fly, typical fashion we did everything we were supposed to do, yet he is still sitting here...but I'm choosing not to dwell on things I can't control.  Grr...the AF are not my favorite people right now.

  Anyway...we drove down to Raleigh on a Sunday morning, and drove back Tuesday afternoon.  Maddox had a good visit with her grandparents.

Marshall and his Dad played cornhole in the gorgeous weather.  Macy was supervising.

Maddox enjoyed going up and down the stairs off the living room deck.  She told many stories to the bird that was waiting at the bottom of the stairs.
More cornhole.
Maddox was happy to show them how much she loves to eat fresh fruit.
We went to visit Taylor Anne and Anderson (and Emily and Mikey)  Mdx says "Tay-tay" and "An-son"..which is pretty awesome considering she isn't even 2 yet!  Taylor is a fabulous playmate, we'd love to borrow her to babysit next time we need a few minutes to do ANYTHING!  She even offered to find some clothes for Mdx's "Baby", who only has one outfit, but generally likes to be undressed.  Here you can see the naked baby...Mdx doesn't think that dressing is fun at all.
T.A. and Mdx music time.
T.A figured out how to fill the hole in her front teeth with a PEA!  Anderson has learned how to pose since the last time we visited.  :)
She loved sitting at a table and eating lunch with her cousins.
Back at her Grandparent's house, Mdx got an Easter Wheelbarrow full of goodies!
She learned how to push it all around, it was cute!  Amos and Auggie made sure to supervise. 
One of Mdx's favorite things is coloring...she loves pulling crayons out of the roll Aunt Em made her for Christmas!

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Em said...

Great pictures! I love that she is using the crayon roll up! Taylor Anne LOVES playing with Maddox too.