Sunday, April 26, 2009

Forgot to title this post! DRAT!

Marshall and Maddox had a lot of good play time before he left for the desert last Tuesday.  We have put pictures of him around the house, so Mdx sees him and tells him things I don't understand occasionally.  I'm not quite sure he'd understand either.

She is getting better about not grabbing the camera when she sees it.

We were trying to wear her out before bed time.

Reading Mdx's favorite book, which she reads every day.

She has learned to say MANY words from this book! Newest: Tractor

She only looks sweet and innocent....wait until you see the video!

The morning that Marshall left, they had one last coloring session before we dropped him off at the base.  We couldn't believe that he actually left this time REALLY!
We plan to stay very busy while Marshall is gone.  If anyone wants to come up and visit you are welcome (I just need some notice so I can clean frantically!), and I'm trying to make some traveling plans for the summer too.  My garden is growing well, I'll put some pictures up another time.  Until then, I'm off to bed!  One of my deployment "goals" (you know, things to keep me busy and give me something to focus on) is to get my butt in bed before 11:00pm.  I'm a night owl, but I know it's bad for me.  Sleeping is much healthier for my mind and body- so that's my goal.  

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Em said...

It's funny to see her in Anderson's Aligator PJs!