Sunday, April 19, 2009

Maddox's 2nd Easter

This was the first Easter in a long, long time that I was not back in NC with my extended Pipan family.  Easter is normally "our" holiday, along with Christmas Eve- where everyone makes the effort to travel wherever we need to go to see everyone, catch up, and just feel the family love.  I originally thought that we (Maddox and I) were going to make it to SC to Aunt Susan's house, but then Marshall's deployment was changed again and we were left in limbo- not knowing whether he would leave a few days before Easter, ON Easter, right after Easter, etc.  So, I decided that I didn't want to drive all that way and be away from my husband when it could possibly be his last few days home.  I know people say they "understand", etc, etc...but I still missed my family.  I love all my Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins, and all our holiday traditions.  It just doesn't seem like Easter without eating the blessed egg, Babka, Borscht, and the egg-cracking competition.  I view this as one of the greatest gifts that my parents gave to me: an appreciation and love for our family.  I hope we can continue the tradition.

Mdx's Easter basket: bunny ears, seeds, Spiderman and Frog eggs, a wind-up chick, and a wooden firetruck.  We DO let our child eat sweets, but she had so much candy before Easter that the Easter bunny decided that she didn't need any in her Easter basket!  She was completely happy.

Part of the reason I LOVE my school so much, are the people that I work with.  The librarian (we will call her Mrs. M) knew that Marshall was supposed to be deployed before Easter, and invited us to her house for an Easter dinner and egg hunt.  She has grandchildren close to Mdx's age, and said they would love to have us.  When Marshall's plans changed I called her and basically said "He's here, can we come?"....and I am so glad!  I made a turkey-couscous salad to take, and we all got dressed up in our Spring-y finery.  I'm starting to understand that part of being a military family means getting adopted by other caring people, and making some friends for the holidays.  Mrs. M's family has not had a baby girl born in decades...and they were delighted to love all over Mdx and watch her play with the boys, E, and C, and their friend P.
Here is where it gets funny...when we were walking in the door my hands were full with the food, bag, Mdx's sweater, etc.  Marshall and Mdx walked in the door right behind me and Mrs. M began introductions.  Her Daughter-in-law immediately said "I know Mdx, she goes to the CDC with C and P!".  It ends up that all of our kids go to the same Child Development Center (albeit different classes due to different ages), and all know each other and play together in the mornings, even though we did not know that coming into the Easter invitation.  What a small world, and what a welcoming karmic event.  The kids were happy, so the adults were happy...we all were happy to be there together.

Mdx and Mrs. M's grandson C eating Easter dinner together.  Notice the Dads were placed in the closest seats....therefore in charge of the eating kids!!  Little P is hidden behind the sofa.
Mrs. M's daughter-in-law with her son C and his friend P before the egg hunt.  The ears were NOT popular.
During the Easter Egg Hunt, Marshall helped Mdx find eggs so that I could take pictures, and they found one under the camper!  Being the good Daddy he is, he's blocking her from smashing her head when she stands up.  :)  Mrs. M was so proud of the pink pail that she got for Mdx to use!!
It was hard to get a family photo with everything going on.
P and his family (can't see P well at all!) are having a GIRL named Audrey in July!!
C with his baby brother E...and family.  

This Easter was like a wonderful reassurance that Mdx is at the right place during the day when I am at work, and that even when our own best plans don't work out...we will not be abandoned during life's important times.  I think all 3 of us left Easter dinner feeling very loved and appreciated.

The 3 fathers walked their children around the planter in the front yard.  E is an infant, and can't walk, but next year he'll be all about it.  Very cute!
Mdx and C decided to hold hands during dessert!  This was really cute!

We are extremely lucky to have family and adopted-family to share the holidays with.  I hope that all our holidays in the future will be just as happy, with just as much acceptance and activity as we experienced this year.  


Jessie and Nathan said...

I am sorry you couldn't be with your family, but there is truly something to be said for the military "families" that we start to become a part of. I would have never survived Lackland without my "family".

Em said...

What a nice post - we really missed you with the family, but I'm so glad you guys had a good time and celebrated Easter with a different kind of 'family'.

Carla said...

Thanks for sharing Mary! We love your pictures. How wonderful to have friends and coworkers to welcome you as family especially at holiday time.