Monday, December 1, 2008

No way's December?  No way.

I think I totally missed November.  I remember bits and pieces, but since Marshall was gone for almost half the month it all passed in a busy blur.

Maddox started at her new CDC November 10th.  This place is really really awesome!  It is more like a preschool than just a daycare.  It is a non-profit, but not run by the base.  I'm not going to put the name on here for safety reasons, but if anyone is curious just ask me- they have a great website!  I pass this place on my way to work everyday, so it is more convenient than being on base.  The teachers all have to have Early Childhood Education degrees, and their curriculum is provided to the parents weekly.  They use signing with the pre-talkers, and have a huge playground.  I am so impressed with everything Mdx has been doing, and most importantly- she is happy there!  There is a mirror/window next to the door so you can peek into the room from the hallway.  The first day I dropped her off I just stood there and watched for a few minutes....I didn't want to leave!  But- every day when she just runs off and plays with her friends it makes it a little easier.  They also do arts and crafts with the kids, something I know I wouldn't be doing if she were home with me!  She's eating better food, getting more attention, and having more fun than ever at this place!

Here is some of the art that they have done with her...they give her things like PAINT and GLUE and GLITTER.  I'm so glad I'm paying other people to do that.

Uploading pics is taking forever tonight....I'm sure everyone is updating their blogs from Thanksgiving.  I'll have to put pictures from our travels up tomorrow night.  

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Em said...

Yeah... what happened to November... was it really here? I love the artwork from the CDC - Maddox is so talented! It was great having you guys visit - come again soon!