Saturday, December 6, 2008

Thanksgiving part 2

Tuesday Mason and Jennie had to leave to begin their drive back to Arkansas.  We watched them pack up the truck and trailer with all sorts of gifts and furniture that they were taking home.  Then we stood outside and did the McIntyre wave (McIntyres like to come outside and watch you drive away- and wave while you honk).  

Tuesday night we met up with our friends Steven and Heidi, who used to attend St. Paul's in Wilmington, but have since moved to the Raleigh area.  They are planning on having kids soon and got a kick out of eating dinner with Maddox (and us).  After dinner we left Raleigh and went to Greensboro to spend the rest of our vacation with my family.    

Wednesday we went to the toy store where I worked in high school and in college.  They enjoy seeing Mdx and catching up when I'm in town.  We also got her a few things for Christmas.

Thanksgiving morning Aunt Kathy came over to make her Sweet Potatoes.  Then we got a phone call that my Grandfather wasn't feeling well and had called 911, so she left to go over to their house and wait for the ambulance.  She and Granddad spent the day at the hospital so he could get checked they both ended up missing the Thanksgiving meal.  Luckily Granddad is okay, and we'll see them at Christmas!  

Grandmom still came over, my friend Brandi who lives downtown, and Emily and Taylor Anne came from Wake Forest.  Anderson was not feeling well, so he stayed home with Mikey.  Here is a picture of T.A. and Mdx playing on the dog bed in the back room.  All those toys in the house- and they went to the dog bed!

Maddox made a bit of a mess at dinner.
Everyone seated around the table.  This is probably the smallest Thanksgiving we have had in my entire life!
We also celebrated Dad and Emily's birthdays while we were in town.  Happy Birthday Dad and Emily!

On Friday we headed back to Raleigh so that Marshall could get his car and go home.  He had to fly out again on Sunday and needed to get home to pack and get ready to go.  We spent a little time back at the McIntyre's, so Marshall's Aunt Cheri from Atlanta could see Maddox.  They played with the farm for a while, and then it was time to get on the road!

Here is Cheri and her dog Winnie playing with Mdx.

We got to Emily's house and spent some time playing with Anderson and Taylor Anne.  They were happy that we were there to stay in the daytime, and not always running off to someone else's house.  We saw T.A.'s incentive chart where she earns points for doing things like school work and chores, and at the end of the week she gets money depending on how many points she has.  The week we were there she got $3.00.  That seems pretty good for being 6 years old!

We went on a car ride- T.A. liked to sit next to Mdx.

Taylor Anne talked to Mdx about the chickens.  

That night we went out to Las Margaritas for dinner, but Maddox was so tired from playing with her cousins that she refused to even sit at the table.  So- Mikey took her for a ride in the car, and she fell asleep while the rest of us ate dinner.  Thanks Mikey!! The next day we drove home to Virginia to help Marshall get ready for his next trip.  And that's the end of our Thanksgiving 2008 Adventure!