Sunday, December 28, 2008

CDC Christmas party

We were happy that Marshall was home in time to go to the Christmas party at Mdx's nursery school.  The teachers did a great job decorating and  having activities for the kids and parents to do.  
Maddox wore a pretty Christmas dress.
She's showing Marshall the class pet- Teeny Turtle.

We did some dot art on a Christmas tree- Mdx likes to put the tops on the markers.
Maddox was very mad when we had to leave the dot art table.  She pitched a fit and threw herself on the floor and it was very embarrassing!  Marshall took her in the hallway to calm down a little.  Then she came back in and put decoration stickers on a big paper Christmas tree.
Then it was time to use icing and sprinkles to decorate a cookie.  Maddox never even got to the sprinkles, once she got the spoon with the icing on it- all she wanted to do was lick the icing!  She didn't even eat the cookie.
The teachers gave each child a personalized goodie bag with holiday treats.  So thoughtful!

We had a great time at the party, and are so thankful that we have such a caring, educational environment for Maddox to go to every day.  The CDC follows the same schedule as the local school system as far as closings and holidays (except the summer, they are still open then).  I'm sure the teachers are enjoying their Winter Break, and Mdx will be back to play with them again in January!

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