Monday, November 3, 2008

Mdx's 2nd Halloween

Sorry it took a few days to get these up here, I've been fighting a nasty cold (that I curiously got right after I got the FLU SHOT!) since last almost a week.  I lost my voice over the weekend, but I'm doing a little better today.  Still, I picked up the phone yesterday to call Emily and realized I couldn't talk- so that wouldn't work.  Ha!

I have to explain Maddox's costume.  We had a cow costume that was given to us by Aunt Jennie- Mdx wore the hat on our trip to Michigan- after which I promptly misplaced it.  It's in the house somewhere I swear.  We also had a pig outfit sent to us by Opa's friend Marilyn.  The pants were a bit small but the top fit very well.  The third outfit was a bear outfit given to us by Mdx's Grandma last year- but I found out that Anderson was the same exact bear last year, so we didn't want to do that.  So- Maddox was a cow dressed up as a pig.  That way she wore the cow bottom, and the pig top.  Yes, we know we are strange....but we spent $0 on a costume, so it was great for us.

Here is our pumpkin.  Marshall made the teeth look like Mdx's 4 teeth.
At first she wasn't sure what was going on.
Then she saw all the people walking down the sidewalk, and she started after them.
You can see she's ready to go!

Her friend K came over and went trick-or-treating with us.  K was a Ninja.  Mdx only actually went up to about 4 houses, and I told them "You don't need to give the baby candy!"
At one of the houses.

As the night went on she rode in the stroller and pointed out all the "pups" she saw.  She has started making this face as soon as she sees the red light of the camera.  It makes it hard to get a "normal" picture of her!
Here she is eating the only thing we let her take- goldfish.

It was a fun night, and she was so good!  We put her to bed around 8, which is later than normal- but she went right to sleep.  

Tomorrow morning we are getting up at 5AM to head to the polls for Election Day!  We are getting there early so that HOPEFULLY we won't have to wait in line for hours.  Marshall has deployment training, and I have a teacher workday, but I decided that it would be easier to brave the lines together than apart.  If we get in and out in a short amount of time we can head to Starbucks for our free coffee, and then to Krispy Kreme for our free donut!  (diet- what diet?).  Ben and Jerry's is serving free ice cream with your "I Voted" sticker, but that isn't until the afternoon, and I'm sure by then I'll be pooped after waking up at 5AM.  Happy Voting everyone!

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Rocketgirl said...

So was Mdx a pigcow?? Is there such a thing as a pigcow?? And I can't believe you didn't let her get candy for you - we made Solei get a TON and we are eating it all:)