Friday, December 19, 2008

So much to do

Even with so much to do- I still need to post about what has ALREADY been done!

So, here is an interesting tidbit of info for people who are new to parenting like me ( I still call myself a "new" parent even though she is over a year old now....every day is NEW to me!).  TIDBIT: When your child is quiet for a long period of time....he/she is doing something that they are not supposed to be doing.  Like pulling all of the wipes out of the wipes container that you conveniently left within reach in the living room.

We went and got a Christmas tree right before Marshall left at the beginning of December.  I told him I wanted a tree before he left, otherwise we'd be getting one right before Christmas, and I wanted to have it long enough to enjoy it.  Maddox LOVED running up and down the rows of trees.  I think she touched every single one.  

Now we have a nice Christmas tree set up on top of a table in our Dining Room/Playroom.  It's the perfect height so that she can see it and enjoy it, but can't reach it!  When I sing "O, Christmas Tree" to her she rocks back and forth and waves her arms around  It's SO cute!

Since it is a small tree we only used a few ornaments, but made sure to have special ones like this one given to Mdx by Brandi last Christmas.

And, a few more pictures of art projects she did at the CDC.  She makes a huge mess and has lots of fun!

Coming soon: pictures from her class Christmas party!

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