Sunday, May 4, 2008

Guess who's back?

The obnoxious Eminem song is running through my head......

Yesterday I played a wedding up at the Williamsburg Winery with a quartet called "Grace Notes".  I got the gig from a woman I met at a Lutheran church that I've attended a few times- their normal violinist couldn't make it.  It was SUCH a wonderful feeling to finally be out there again, playing the violin and earning money for it!!  I really did not play much at all while I was in Michigan because they wanted Graduate Ed majors to focus on their secondary- so my first semester I took cello lessons, and then second semester I took piano.  I played violin in the Macomb Symphony first semester, but then decided that it was too far to drive (1 hour 15 min. each way!) just to play with an orchestra.  The University Orchestra rehearsed in the evenings during our grad Ed courses- so that wasn't an option.

Anyways, once I was done at Michigan I was back in NC preparing to have a baby and didn't have many opportunities to play.  Then we moved here to VA- still not much of a chance.  But now- it seems that I've made a few connections that will help me get the jobs- at least a few each year.  The more I play, the more I'll get- that's just how it works.  And now that I'm on the list with a local quartet, and they know I actually CAN play...that's the hardest part.  Breaking in, in a new place.

It's very easy to get caught up in the mothering and the wife-ing if that makes any sense.  Weeks would pass and my violin would still be sitting there where I left it last time- and the sad part was....I didn't miss it that much.  I always knew it was there if I wanted to pick it up- and I never felt like my "chops" were going away.  But I definitely had to run through the folder full of wedding music, whereas in the past I would have glanced at it to see if there were any wacky parts, and then mostly sight-read the music.  I'm glad I DID look at the music because for some crazy reason the Bride decided to walk down the aisle to Beethoven's "Pathetique" Sonata- which is in 4 flats!!!!  SERIOUSLY!  If you aren't familiar with it, just "google" the title and you'll find multiple websites where you can listen to it.  I think she must have confused it with something else, because that song SO does not say "bride walking down the aisle" to me- but request it, I play it, you pay me....DEAL!  But 4 flats are NOT the ideal playing situation for a string quartet- you are taking 3 of our 4 open strings and making them flat- meaning we have to play a 4th finger instead of the optional open string.  It may not sound like a big deal, but sucks.  Fingering patterns adjusted, a little more extra thought.....I think 4 flats should cost EXTRA MONEY!  Hahaha!

I also got a job for next school year!!  I don't want to post all the juicy details right now, except to say that I am VERY happy, and it seems like an ideal situation for me!  I wanted to go back to teaching, but was torn because I really don't want to put Mdx in daycare.  I simply do not trust daycares.  I feel like "we" decided to have a child and it is "our" responsibility to parent and raise her.  So- the new job is 1/2 time, which with Marshall's work schedule will allow the baby to be with one of her parents for most of the time!  Fabulous!  I'll be teaching Orchestra- which is what I feel called to teach (as opposed to general music).  Everything is working out.  I had decided that I would apply for jobs, but that if the "right" thing didn't come along, I wouldn't take the job. We are blessed that I don't *have to* work for our family to make it.  I am NOT going to put Mdx in daycare unless I feel like I've found something good.  And I really feel like I have.  Trust me, if the job or the school or the schedule seemed a little wacky to me, I would have peaced out in a heartbeat.  We will see if my instincts were right!

So- once I get my schedule figured out, and a few more details, I'll tell you all about the very special school where I'll be working.  But I wanted to spread the word.....I'm Ba--aa--aack!!


Rocketgirl said...

This is all such amazing news!! It is the best rush ever to be able to play gigs. Some people have tons of connections and it flows all easy like, but it's dang hard to get into the scene and get calls. And SO nice to use the stuff I worked so hard on to earn sumpin. Teaching is great, but it's a different feeling from a gig - it's not something I'd want to do every day (although I would have to practice - and like you, I just don't miss it all that often) - but it's like ice cream after a meal. Yumy:) YAY!!!!

Tina said...

Congratulations. I hope it all works out.