Tuesday, April 29, 2008


For the past few days I had the crud...you know, not really the flu and not a plain old cold.  I just felt cruddy, had congestion and a bad headache.  No fever or anything like that, and LUCKILY the baby didn't get sick (yet).  But today Marshall said his throat hurts- oh no!

Hmmm....let me think back since I last posted.  Oh yes, last weekend I went to the Carter's outlet up in Williamsburg with a few friends from my playgroup.  I had never been up to those outlets.  They are about 30 min away which is really not bad- we carpooled.  I was riding with my friend Shannon and we were about 10 min into the drive when we realized we had left my stroller in my car!  DARN!  Of course I didn't want to turn back and get it, but it meant that I had to haul Mdx's 17 pound butt around the outlet mall in her carseat.  NOT fun.  The customer service center rented strollers, but it was all the way across the center from Carter's- so not worth the walk in my opinion.  I learned my lesson- rather, my arm muscles learned their lesson.  We did get a cute pic of Maddox sitting with Shannon's son Eli in his stroller.  Eli does not look happy to have her in his space!

We are trying to teach Mdx to use a sippy cup- but she just doesn't get it.  She doesn't suck on the tip part, she just chews on it.  Maybe one day she'll suck on it and be totally surprised when something comes out.  :)  The one in the pic just has water in it.

I also decided to let Mdx have a few crackers and see how she could do with no teeth.  Well- I don't know why I was worried, cause she DEMOLISHED them!!
I went to a sewing pattern tutorial last Monday to learn how to follow a pattern.  It was so helpful to have someone translate the gibberish that is on the pattern, and all the little symbols.  I also learned (kind of) how to gather fabric, but have not mastered bias tape.  I'm making a cute little sundress for Mdx, but I just discovered that I *think* I sewed part of the yoke inside-out.  Oops.  MAYBE I'll put a picture on one day if it ever meets my standards.  :)

There were some bad tornados around here yesterday.  I was upstairs napping with Mdx and woke up hearing some pretty hard rain.  When we came downstairs Marshall said there was a tornado warning for our area, but outside our house it just looked like a rainstorm.  It ends up there were at least 3 tornados- one of which went through Suffolk (which is about 30 min from us) and destroyed hundreds of houses.  Thankfully no one was killed, but over 200 people were injured.  I have no idea how this house would stand up to a tornado- I really don't want to find out!  Who would have imagined- tornados in coastal Virginia!!

We also learned an interesting lesson about housecleaning.  Since we got the dog I've been cleaning the floors everyday- I just can't stand walking around and getting dog hair on my feet.  We have hardwood floors, so I thought it might be a good idea to use some dust-cleaner (like Pledge) on the floors.  MAJOR MISTAKE!!  Marshall sprayed the floor duster with Pledge and cleaned all the floors (like a dutiful husband), and these floors became SO SLICK we were sliding all over the place.  You had to wear shoes to have enough traction- sock feet were out of the question- and bare feet- barely worked.  The poor dog could not walk at all, her feet would slide right out from under her.  It ends up- the bottle says not to use it on floors.  I AM SUCH A MORON!

Marshall has mopped a few times to get it up and it's a little better.  Many lessons learned here in the MacHouse recently.


Em said...

whaaa haaa haaa! I am imagining you guys slipping and sliding all over the house... I ACCIDENTALLY got some pledge on the floor in the living room when dusting something else... and MAN was that spot slick for a long time. I was wondering about those tornados when I read the article about them, I'm glad you guys didn't have any damage!

Angela said...

Steve sprayed pledge on the floor in our last house. And we had cleaning people that made our laminate super slick so that when I ran for the alarm when I set it off, I slipped and landed flat on my back - like a cartoon! It's funny now.