Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I guess we'll just skip crawling then

Here's our chunky-monkey playing on the couch:

One-handed?  Really? By the way- that music-table-toy-thingie was one of my spectacular yard-sale finds last weekend!

She's even better with shoes on!
I guess we better get on that baby-proofing stuff huh?


Em said...

Oh - she's so beautiful! I love that dress!!! Cute shoes too!

Rocketgirl said...

What the heck?? How old is she??? You're supposed to have more time before the chasing-after stage!!! (Solei is still in that one). Sorry about the shoes:( When I looked at my receipt, I noticed one of the 6 had rung up as $7. I didn't figure out which one... but I still didn't car- sparkles!!
(and PS - have you seen the collegtion of mock-crocs at WM? They have mary-jane ones for weeones for $5 that I ADORE - I just bought Solei some for next year too. They are cute for the playground or church, and all I have to do is hose them off!)

Rick and Naomi said...

Hey! I can't believe how big your baby got. I am running in the Cannonball Run in Greensboro. It is in October. Good Luck!

Tina said...

how cute.