Thursday, May 29, 2008

Be back soon

I'm headed back to Ann Arbor tomorrow through Monday to visit with my Aunt and Uncle.  I may not have a chance to post while I'm gone, but I'll tell you all about it when I get back!  I'm excited about seeing my advisor again and talking to her about my new job...and possibilities for the future.  It will be great to take Mdx back to the place where she was concieved!!......okay, probably a little TMI for the masses, but everyone else knows where we made the babe!  I really like Ann Arbor, it's a place I could see myself long-term if it was ever possible with jobs/cost of living, etc.

Oh- and LOST is the best TV show ever!  Lost is #1, then Sex and the City, and then I don't know what.  There really haven't been that many shows that have made me become a loyal watcher every week, where I talk about the show, look up behind-the-scenes info online, and generally become obsessed.  But the genius of the LOST series caught me from the first episode, and SATC appeals to the "girlie" me that doesn't always get a lot of attention.  :)   Okay, happy watching!


JaclynJohnson said...

YES! Lost is the best series ever!!! I love reading the day after to get his take on things too (and he picks up on little things that I miss). Have a safe trip!

Em said...

I can't wait to hear about your trip!

Rocketgirl said...

1. ADORE Lost!!
2. ADORE Ann Arbor!
3. I drove by our old house with Solei and told her that's where we made her. I totally get it:)

Tina said...

I did not even make the connection that you went to school in Ann Arbor. That is were my mom is from. She graduated high school there and I think went to the U of M for a short time. My grandmother lived there like 40 or 50 years. How funny! Have fun!!