Saturday, May 17, 2008

What goes up...must come down

So- YES she can stand up, but boy can she ever FALL DOWN!  As long as Mdx doesn't hit anything on her way to the floor she's fine, it is just when the darn coffee table reaches out and smacks her that she gets a little peeved.  In this pic she is showing you the new bruise next to her eye (and telling me to put the camera down and pick her up!)

At a happier time, here's a pic of Maddox and Macy hanging out.  Macy's such a good girl, she leaves the baby toys alone!
Among the great Mother's Day gifts I was given for my very first Mother's Day- was this awesome Clothespin Holder that my sister made.  She's so darn CRAFTY!!  :)  I love it!  Sorry- you have to turn your head, because I can't figure out how to turn the picture.

I encourage you to check out Em's blog about my uncle Andy.   He was a musician, singer and songwriter and passed away from lung cancer 2 summers ago.  The Greensboro, NC paper has a great article along with a link to a music video on their website- check it out!  Andy's Last Song
It's a very nice article and there is a link to a music video of the song "Dillard Street" that has some pictures from Andy's life, and from our family.  One of my favorites is one of him playing guitar with my grandfather playing fiddle.  :)  Wonder where I got it? 

 The actual song is very long, and you can listen to it on The Near Myths website.  There is also a fabulous explanation of the lyrics, verse by verse that really give you a window into Andy's life.   It really got me wondering.  How in the world can you sum up someone's life in a song?  Writing a song is hard enough, many times there are separate people writing the words and the music.  So when someone can do both I think it is extraordinary.  I also hope that my life will be as full as Andy's was- filled with music, adventures, fun, family, and love.  Maybe someday my life will be song-worthy.  As much as I love going to that website and hearing Andy's voice again....I hate it.  I hate the fact that it is the only way I can hear his voice again- and it's a voice ravaged by cancer and barely hanging on.  It's just so sad.

Recently life has been one of extremes.  Things are either really good, or really bad- no in between.  We are either standing up or falling down.  One of my childhood friends just had her first baby and right after hearing that joyful news we found out that Em had to put her dog to sleep.  Gas prices just keep rising- but our income doesn't.  As a full-time Mom (who doesn't add to the family income) I feel a strange kind of guilt every time I go and fill up the car, or if I decide to drive somewhere that is more than 10 minutes away.  But I can't just sit in this house and rot!  If gas was cheaper I'd probably spend this whole summer traveling and visiting family (who ALL want us to come visit, but I can pretty much guarantee that ALL of them make more money than us, and can afford to travel more than we can, and by the way it's easier for them to travel without a baby right??- okay- off soapbox)  and friends.  I have a whole list of places I would go- Michigan (I'm going there anyway, just flying), Ohio, Georgia, D.C., South Carolina, the mountains, etc).  But as it is I actually think twice before a quick trip to the I REALLY need onions for this recipe or not?  Hmmmm.  Frustrating.

Oh yes- and about the "Economic Stimulus Package" that was deposited into our account last week.  We'll be banking that money to pay for gas and groceries, thank you very much President Bush.  Our economic situation has not improved one iota since we got an extra 900 dollars.  What a joke.  In fact, I find it NOT very amusing that my husband is serving his country in the military- right now working the night shift, everyone's favorite- but makes so LITTLE money that we qualify for food stamps.  Since our tax liability was so low, we actually got the minimum payment from the economic stimulus .  While I understand that we did pay LESS taxes than people who make more money....we are already poorer than them, and now we get less stimulus.  Makes total sense right?

I really should hold my tongue.  It was 900 dollars we didn't have before.  We are managing just fine, we do NOT collect the food stamps we qualify for, and we have a nice house (military housing) and a comfortable life.  We still have groceries, clothes to wear, health insurance, a savings account, and cars to drive, so we are just fine.  When I return to work, even though it is half-time....we are going to feel so rich!  

It has made me realize and appreciate how much my sister and I got to have, and DO when we were kids.  My parents made sure we had bikes, toys, pets, friends, and books.  They made sure we saw our extended family enough to know and love them.  We took family vacations to the beach and Disney World.  They made sure we got to go swimming year-round and went to multiple summer camps.  We had music lessons when we wanted it, and tutoring when we needed it.  I honestly worry that we we won't be able to provide those things for Mdx, and I guess that's what gets me so riled up about it all.  :(


Tina said...

I hear ya!!

Rocketgirl said...

I listened to your Uncle's song and it brought tears to my eyes. He sounds like he has such a sweet soul. I totally understand the pain it must bring to you (feel the same way about some things about my sister in law now), but I agree how wonderful it is to have something of him behind.

And your next rant was awesome and srazy. Silly government! I feel terrible about going anywhere too - especially in our gas guzzling van. I need out!!

Mollie said...

It is so nice to hear when kids realize and appreciate what there parents did for them. I want you to know when we were going through it we felt the very same way you are feeling right now. We actually did get the food stamps for the last few months before Alex graduated. You will be fine and you will make a wonderful life for Miss Mdx and all your future youngin's.

I loved the article about Andy. It made me cry too. I love you!!!!