Saturday, April 12, 2008

darn it

Stupid blogspot is not letting me upload the pics of our new puppy!  Darn it!

So, you'll just have to believe me, she's super cute!  She's a "Buff" Lab- which means off-white.  Her name was Daisy, but we didn't really like that name so much, so we are calling her Macy because it sounds close enough and she'll answer to it.  Actually- her full name is Macy Greyish.  I KID YOU NOT.  That was all Marshall's idea- even Grey with an "e" instead of an "a".

One of the new additions to his vocabulary since returning from Korea was the suffix "-ish".  In fact, "ish" can stand alone and have its own complete meaning.  For example:

Me: "Do you think you'll be home by 4?"
Him: "Ish?"

See what I mean?

And with the insanity that is the MGM inital-dom of our family- OF COURSE our new dog is gonna be an MGM too.  Oh, and for all you old people, Macy Gray is an American R & B/ Soulsinger who was nominated for 5 Grammy awards, and won one.  In fact- and this is CREEPY- her original name was Natalie Renee WOW.  And we randomly named our dog after her and she has our last name.  Anyways.......

We have enjoyed watching "Wheel of Fortune" together, and are convinced that we would kick some major butt if we ever got to go on there together.  We can almost always solve the puzzle before any of the contestants, and both of us audibly groan whenever anyone buys a vowel.  It drives me crazy- don't people understand that the point of the game is to WIN MONEY, and every time you buy a stupid vowel you are spending money you haven't even won yet??  You should ALWAYS spin and go for another consonant- UNLESS you are very close to solving and that one vowel will help you solve the puzzle.  There are so many people that buy all the vowels and then want to spin because they still don't know the puzzle.   Well- duh person, chances are you aren't going to the bonus round.

And- when they do the introductions, the people always say- "Well Pat, I'm a Rocket Scientist in Malibu, and I have a FABULOUS husband Mac, and two BEAUTIFUL children Joe and Shmoe, blah blah blah".  I'm so glad that they all learned new adjectives for their big moment on T.V.  There's also the person who says "Big Money! Big Money!" every time someone spins.  GIVE IT A REST!!  Don't you know that spinning a wheel is a game of chance, and saying the words "Big Money!" does not increase your chances of actually getting big money?  You'll probably buy a vowel next too!  HAHahaha!  It's all in the name of good entertainment, and so I'm grateful for that.

Aw man...back to the dog.  See what happens when I get distracted?  :)  Okay, so she was originally adopted by a family from the SPCA and then was returned because (according to them) she's "not good with children".  The person who was helping us said that when they brought her back to the shelter they didn't want to fill out the form that explains why they are bringing her back.  Jerks.  So the truth is- they couldn't handle having a dog.  She is great with kids!  She loves Maddox, but she's a puppy!  So we know we have to keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn't take a little nibble here and there. What convinced me that she's okay with kids was when Marshall had her on a leash and a kid went by on the sidewalk on a little skateboard thingie.  A dog that is BAD with kids would try and go after them or rip their legs off.  She did neither.  So- I believe what my eyes see, not what other people say.   She's already spayed and housebroken, which is awesome.  And the Norfolk SPCA was a very well organized, professional and clean shelter that also happens to be a no-kill shelter.  If you ever win the lottery, please donate to the Norfolk SPCA.  :)

Today I also realized that my little baby is no longer a little baby.  It's been a while since she was actually small- but every day she acts more and more like a little toddler.  She now prefers standing to sitting- even though she's not crawling yet.  Her favorite way to stand is with both her feet flat- legs spread about 6 inches apart- and only holding one of my fingers with one of her hands!  Little Daredevil!!  When she loses balance and falls back to a sitting position she immediately wants back up to stand again.  She babbles and talks to people whenever we are out in public and smiles at people constantly.  It's adorable but also gets us lots of attention when I'm normally trying to zip right through the store (not possible with this child).

She's eating mashed fresh bananas, she LOVED mashed avocado, hates peas, loves carrots, eats squash, pears, and apples okay.  But mostly she prefers the bottle.  She still won't hold it- so that's our new goal.  Crawling can wait, but this child needs to hold her own bottle!!  Oh- and some teeth would be nice too.  At our playdate a few days ago she was the oldest baby- and the only one without teeth.  Come on Mdx, get some teeth so we can bring on the Cheerios!!


LOP said...

I am proud to state that I knew who Macy Grey was before you explained it- so I am also proud to state that I am not as square I I oft times seem. Mdx is growing up!! Continue to mark down every thing- she changes so fast!! Love to all!!


Em said...

Sometimes blogger does that to me too, I usually try again a few times, and it will work for me. I love MDX's toothless grins! You know you could give her one cheerio at a time and she would probably still love it! So funny about Wheel of Fortune!