Sunday, April 20, 2008

not enough time in the day

Introducing Macy Greyish:

She is a good dog, she likes to play and take long walks.  

This past week was very crazy.  I woke up Monday morning and realized that Marshall had not come home from work.  When I checked my cellphone I found out that he had called at 6:30AM saying he was in the hospital and was getting ready to have surgery to remove his appendix!!  ACK!!  I called the hospital but he was already in surgery.  About an hour later I went and saw him in recovery after calling family members and returning calls from squadron members, etc.  He was on some good drugs and in a fair amount of pain.  Good thing they caught it before his appendix ruptured!

For some reason this pic is showing up sideways, I'll try and fix it.
Poor Marshall
His incision, it's just a few inches long:

My Mom came up for a few days to help out, since Marshall can't pick up more than 10 pounds.  That rules out Macy, who weighs about 35 pounds, and Maddox- who weighs about 17 pounds!!  He's already much better, but it was so great just to have another person to hold the baby, or feed the baby so that I could vacuum, or do laundry, or cook.  Thanks Mom!!  Happy Retirement!  Ha!  Now it's not so bad because Marshall can take out the dog and get up and do things.  

One thing I hadn't thought of was how much walking we'd have to do with this new dog!  She loves to take walks, and is really quite good on a leash.  However, I haven't mastered pushing the stroller with one hand, and holding the dog leash with the other- yet.  I'm working on it.  Macy understandably wants to explore every yard in the neighborhood so she spends the entire walk weaving back and forth across the sidewalk, stopping for each fire hydrant or tree.  I think Mdx thinks that Macy is just here for her entertainment- she loves watching her run around and play.  The exercise has been great for me though.


Em said...

I hope this week is a little easier on you! Sorry you've got so much on your 'plate' all of a sudden... I wish I were closer so I could come help some... Love you!

Rocketgirl said...

HOLY SNAP?!?!?! It's so crazy it HAS to be true!! Poor Marshall - poor you!! And let's throw a new doggy in the mix, phew, I'm tired just thinking about it! So glad he's okay, and dagnabit I wish I was near so I could pop up for a playdate with Mdx!