Sunday, October 11, 2009

Then she turned 2....

Gosh, at this rate I won't be caught up with blog posts until sometime next year. HA!

We invited a handful of Maddox's friends over for a "friend party" on the afternoon of her birthday. I am so glad that Tam and Tim were here to help me! My Mom also arrived shortly after the party started. She was coming in town to help me with Mdx for the week, since it was a week of teacher workdays for me.

Tim created a beautiful fan decoration. He's an interior designer for the Air Force. Okay, he's an Air Traffic Controller, but I'm sure they are related somehow.
Aa was exhausted and fell asleep before the party started.
Mdx was ready to party!!
There were lots of little babies and friends running around.
8 different flavors of Ben & Jerry's to choose from!!
Mdx's cake!
I was trying to keep her from touching the flame....but we had practiced blowing out the candle ahead of time! Marshall was watching on the webcam, but it was a bad connection so we couldn't really hear him. I'm glad he got to see it though.
We opened presents and let everybody play with them!
It was a fun party, and good practice for her family party which was over Labor Day weekend. More pictures to come!

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