Sunday, October 11, 2009

Family birthday party

We went down to NC to visit with people over Labor Day weekend, and had Maddox's family party then. The McIntyre's were generous enough to host (plus their house is a great party house!) and it was a much more central location than Hampton, VA. Thanks to everybody so much for helping make Mdx's birthday special, and alleviating a little bit of stress for me!

Uncle Marc and Aunt Kris gave her an awesome dress up box full of stuff they had been collecting. Maddox put on quite a few things and went for a walk!
On party day everyone helped decorate and prepare, I was SO thankful!
Mdx's cake....look familiar? This one was cupcakes!
Mdx and T.A. We had to take Mdx's beautiful dress off before she had any cake.
What's going on?
Now can I have cake?
Good thing I don't have that dress on!
We put it back on for presents.
Mdx opened this baby stroller- and was DONE! She did not want any more presents!
So....when mean Mama tried to get her to keep opening presents and leave the stroller alone...this is what she did! A 2 year old birthday party is not complete without a good cry.
Anderson showed her how to use her new tricycle.

Thanks to everybody who came, and helped with the party! I know Maddox had a great time! Thank you also for all the gifts. The thank you cards will be arriving sometime in 2011....right now we'll have to make do with a thank you blog.

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