Monday, October 12, 2009

Other randomness

On our way home from Raleigh we stopped by my friend Nina's new (old) house in Cary. She and her fiance bought a GORGEOUS house in a fantastic family neighborhood....and the best part of the house it is the personality that comes with it. This house was well loved, and tastefully updated by the previous owners. I only got one picture, the kitchen, but here you can see the beautiful tilework on the backsplash, and how unique the space really is. I'm so happy for them!
I took a quick picture of my classroom at the beginning of the school year. I got moved into a smaller classroom that is across the hall from my old room, but has a bigger closet- so it works out well. Plus, I gained 2 windows! Anything is better than the trailer Wake County had me in! The quote on the wall says "Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment". Every classroom has a different quote in it.
Mdx is still enjoying her swimming lessons...although next time we will schedule them at a better time! It is just too hard to try and pick up Mdx, get changed, and get to the YMCA by 5:30 when I'm not leaving work until after 4:15!! It's also not fair to Macy to sit in her crate all day by herself. Here is Mdx staring at the big kid pool waiting for her turn!
Mdx has spent more quality time talking to Marshall on the computer. He mostly listens.
It has rained a lot, and since our house faces tidal water from the Chesapeake Bay that is called the Indian River...we have seen rising waters. God help us if there is ever a direct hit from a Hurricane! The view from our front step after 2 days of rain:
Our neighbors to the left, and our street covered in about a foot of water. Still drivable, and people were not particularly bothered by this sight!
Mdx had her 2 year old check up, and she is perfectly healthy! She maxed out her verbal score, was close on her fine motor skills, and is above 95% for height and weight. My big girl!
Can I push this button? Too late!
We have also taken some walks around the neighborhood in the new wagon that Mdx got for her birthday. We love all the families here, the sidewalks, the water and wildlife. The only thing that would make this neighborhood perfect is for Marshall to be here to share it with us!


Marshall McIntyre said...

I can't wait to come home and share the house and neighborhood with my two favorite ladies!

Mollie B said...

Hangin there it won't be much longer!!!! I know it has to be hard and I hope you will never have to be separated again!!!

Em said...

Wow - that's a lot of water! I know your two favorite girls can't wait to have their favorite guy home too!!! Soon, Soon, Soon!

daniellea22 said...

i like the picture of her talking to daddy. cute. i bet she tells him all about everything!